Travel Route Builder

Hello all!

I have a list of location and I would like users to be able to build custom travel routes in my app. For example, if I am taking a vacation from Boston to New York City, I would like Google Maps to provide me with the quickest route from one city to another. This is simple, where the complexity comes in is where I want my app to identify all of the locations (in this case let’s call them national parks) that are within a specific set of miles off of the route. I then want users to save specific stops to their route and reject others. From here I want the users to save the routes and then have the ability to make new ones.

In summary here are the key functionalities

  1. User enters a start and end destination
  2. Google (or any map application) provides the optimal route from point a to point b
  3. Map shows all locations (parks) within 10 miles of that optimal route.
  4. Users can then select the locations to visit along their route
  5. Users can save versions of these maps to the travel portfolio


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Did you ever figure this out? I’m looking to do the same but it seems like no one has publicly done a tutorial.