Is it Possible on a App?

Would it be possible for users of my app to allow them to select a few different map locations that are already in my database in order to create their own list of locations from the database results and save it with their own title.
Then to show that list in another page with their title and a link to a page showing their locations.

So in short, I’d like the users to be able to look at the map on my app, select some locations that i have inserted in my database and create a custom route. They would then save that custom route and display it on a different page, where the user could revisit their route as well as allowing other users to select and view it.

It is possible to input a list of locations and plot them on a map. As far as displaying those locations is concerned, that can also be done by creating a repeating group and displaying that data in there.

I am not sure about the route part though.

Thank you, I am trying that at the moment its more showing the route now that i am stuck on.