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Trigerring picture uploader usign a button

Is it possible to trigger a picture uploader using a button? If so how?
I am open to other suggestions which could achieve a similar thing

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Hello, I had not done this before and now that I checked, it doesn’t seem to exist.

But I think you can make the element itself look like a button

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Then how do I make picture uploader remain static (not become the uploaded picture)?

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You made a good point

I checked again; you can use reset input.

For example, here I first saved the image in a state, then I reset the input.

It was almost OK; it only flashes once.

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What do you exactly mean? If the question is “can I prevent an image being saved to file storage before a button is clicked” - the answer is no. As soon as you choose an image via Bubble’s picture uploader - it is immediately uploaded to Amazon S3 and can be seen in File Manager of your app:

When a file is uploaded by a user, it’s immediately uploaded to the file storage server. This means that as soon as a file is uploaded, it technically has a live URL that can be viewed by anyone with the URL, even if you haven’t saved the URL in the database yet.