Picture Uploader: how to delete the image uploaded?

Hello guys!
Just playing around with Picture Uploader plugin.
I set a condition to hide the Uploader when the user uploads a picture, and just under it I created a way to display the picture uploaded.
After that, I created a button that is supposed to reset the picture, let’s say because the user made a mistake or doesn’t want to set the picture.
Problem is: I’m not able to let this reset button works! How can I do that ?
Thank you everyone!


Instead of having a picture uplader (PU) and another way to display the PU, you can disable the PU when that PU´s value is not empty (this way you can display the image there).

To reset the PU, you can have it in a group and when you click the reset button, have 2 actions, first, delete the field image from the user and second, reset a group (PU´s group). :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

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Hello @hacker and thank you! You solved my problem :slight_smile:

It’s important to understand that simply clearing a field and resetting the input does not actually remove the file from your Bubble storage. To do that, you must explicitly delete the uploaded file…

Otherwise, the file will continue to take up valuable Bubble storage space. You should therefore delete the file before removing all references to it.

To see all files in your Bubble storage, go to DataFile Manager and click the Search button.


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Thanks for the tip on this. That worked well. But I’m having a problem deleting the image. Essentially I have an edit popup that loads cell data and includes a picture uploader. When you click on the uploader and select a picture, the uploader becomes the picture (as above) and, through conditions, a button to delete the image appears.

I’m trying to use the “delete an uploaded file” action to reset the uploader and delete the image from the dataset, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Am I missing something?