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Trigger a custom event when data changes doesn't contain parameters

The action Trigger a custom event when data changes doesn’t enable us to add parameters?

Not sure why this is the case since it is technically the same as a custom event, right? Then why can’t we add parameters so we could pass data? Pretty weird.

Am I missing something or if not, do you have any idea why this is designed this way?

No, not the same as a vanilla custom event.

The trigger can come from anywhere, the data tab, the front end, the back end …

There is nothing to pass this parameter as it is purely triggered when something changes … It is independent of the mechanism of that change.

Of course you could always store something on the data type and use that.

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I see, that does make sense, thanks @NigelG!

I thought of two workarounds for this:

  1. Simply trigger a custom event with a condition if thing's field is yes (this is what “the trigger a custom event when data changes” was referencing)

However, there may be possibilities that the previous workflows have not yet finished executing so by the time it reaches to this action, it won’t trigger.

  1. Add a new field on the data type that I was referencing to and simply have the custom event refer to that, works like a parameter.

I believe #2 was what you were referring to, right?

Thanks, Nigel!

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