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Trigger a custom event when data changes

I want to trigger a workflow “UPDATE” as soon as a value, let’s say, Order’s Refresh = YES.

Can I use “Trigger a custom event when data changes for this” ?

I expected to find it here, as a function waiting for a new event :

but it is in the workflow’s actions :

If it is inside a worflow which is not runing, how can it be triggered ?

I must be wrong somewhere. It someone understood, its help would be nice.

This is an action, that you can use in a page load workflow or anyone, once the thing is defined. This action runs a custom workflow, which is defined at the page level.


I can’t make it works.

May someone, who has succeeded in making it works, contact me please ?
I would be share afterwards the solution.

Can you email us at support with the page? That’ll be easier


So actually the issue is bit weird.
It was not a good idea to put the action in a workflow “when page is load”. Because the thing to watch was not systematically available when the triggers is initialized.
I had to be sure that the thing to watch was present before initializing he action :

  • displaying the data in a group, and then, set the action “Trigger when a field of this thing changes”
  • or simplier, using it on a page with ?id=XXX of the thing which has to be watched.

Hope I made it clear.