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Trigger schedule api workflow

Hi everyone,

I have a backend schedule API workflow on a list (called events list in my database) that is triggered everytime something change on that list.

I would like to trigger that same schedule API workflow when something changes on my user data. The problem is that I can’t do it on the conditional of the trigger and I can’t change the type because I want to make a seach through that list.

So my question is, how can I call or trigger that schedule API worflow from the frontend ?


Make another backend workflow that does the exact same thing and trigger that from the front end using the workflow action ‘trigger backend workflow’.

Hi @boston85719 ,

Thank’s for your answer. I created the workflow on my backend (minus the conditional) but I don’t see the “trigger backend workflow” on my frontend. Could you be more specific please ?

Schedule API Workflow…when you schedule it you can use the ‘current date/time’ operator to essentially trigger it. API workflow is another way to say backend workflow.

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Hey @baroud8812 :wave:

You are using an database event trigger. I don’t think these can be “scheduled” from the front end. Anytime the database is updated, it runs automatically. Trigger Event - Bubble Docs

If you prefer, you can create a regular API Workflow then you can schedule it from the database trigger or the front end. Just copy all the steps into a regular backend workflow API instead of a database trigger.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks @boston85719, but with that I can only trigger a “schedule API workflow”. I’m trying to trigger a “schedule API workflow on a list”.

Hey @J805,

Thanks for taking the time. I think you’re right and they can’t be triggered in front end. I have already created regular API workflow. But I need to search through a list before calling a regular api workflow everytime the user data change.

You can create a recursive backend workflow or use the Schedule API workflow on a list.