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Trigger custom events on other pages

Is there a way I can trigger a custom event I’ve made of another page?

Put differently, the thing I want to solve: when user A adds a thing to a database, I want to refresh the repetitive content of user B on another page this user is viewing at that moment…

Thanks in advance!

Have you tested this yet to see if it updates?

Most data changes I have done on one page automatically updates on another page. Even if the data is edited from the Back End while someone is on a page, I believe it updates

It works if you use bindings on the “other” Page. You can even test it by yourself with different tabs in the Browser.

@gf_wolfer and @Safroman are right - if User B is viewing dynamic content on the page, then any data change should just update for them since it’s pulling from the same source that has been modified. Give it a test with 2 windows open.

Yes I was familiar with the autoupdate, however it doesn’t work when I load my Bubble website in a UIWebView within my iOS app unfortunately :frowning: @Safroman where can I find these bindings?

Here it is!