Autobinding Page refresh

Does autobinding refresh a page? I thought it did, but maybe just the inout element is refreshed that received data? I have a count of the characters in the input (email builder) and when the autobinding data goes in, the count does not appear which I think would since the data is written to the table.

Autobinding refresh page - yes? no?

Auto binding is not designed to refresh the page.

Autobinding makes changes to the database without using a workflow.

Auto binding is addressed in recipe building video build your first app number 14:

Hope that helps. Jo

So it is only changing the input element, realize it’s not using a workflow, but when the element changes it is only impacting that element and refreshing the value stored there?

If you are losing the input data you typed in for auto binding, auto binding is not working.

Check your outter Group around the input Its Data source should be set to Do a search for: first item.

The inner group data source should be set to "Parent group’s Type.

The input box placeholder should be set to the Parent group’s Type

On the Preview, when auto binding is done correctly, the data you type in should still be there (for that user) when you leave and return to the page where you used auto binding. And your data Inputted should show in the database.

Hope that helps. hb! Jo

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Thanks - not losing the input data - was just thinking the page was refreshing and that the counter of characters pointing at the input field would update. It does not so that would mean only the input field is updating. That’s fine. Thanks for your thoughts!

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