Trigger element workflow by hitting enter when element is hovered by tabbing?

I have a SPA so clicking through pages is just setting new state or using router plugin and operating on conditionals

is there some magic trick I can perform to have the workflow trigged (setting state) by hitting enter the same way it’s triggered by mouse click?

I want be able to use tabbing to hover the group and then hit enter and execute the workflow that is related to that group

  1. Tried to find the answer in the forum - please share a link if know of similar topic!
  2. Already tried plugin Air Keyboard shortcuts but it’s impossible
  3. The only possibly that comes to mind is changing all the groups to buttons - which will be massive pain in the…

for example in the demo app below: How can I change colors without using a mouse? I tried adding small button/icon with the same workflow next to the group that would be invisible but still doesn’t work

some JS maybe?

look like zerocode may have the solution (update: nope)