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Workflow action on Hover

I read this post

and it seems helpful for certain things, however it doesn’t work for all use cases.

For example, I have a repeating group that I want to have an element inside of the repeating group current cell to react to. So I have a group that is an overlay or shade for the image in the repeating group. I want there to be another overlay group that is hidden on page load that contains text etc to be displayed when the repeating group first overlay group is hovered.

The problem with the method linked to is that you can not select any element in the repeating group, only the entire repeating group itself, or other elements on the page.

I think it would be a great addition to bubble if we could have workflows that are triggered on a hover. I know there are a great number of things that would become much easier to accomplish if this feature was added.

@neerja is it possible to get this added?

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I just put the html element and the javascript to bubble element into the repeating group and this provides more options to control the elements in the repeating group, however it doesn’t give an option for current cells thing which makes the action not function.

Can you make recording for better context. I think is achieving what you want?

If you saw the last post I made I had a problem but we have reusable element now and this plugins to get the data.

Thanks for pointing me toward the plugin…I’m attempting to use only pre-built bubble actions or free plugins, so I rarely look at the plugin store for things that might solve issues I have…if I went down the road of using paid plugins for each thing that doesn’t work as expected I would end of paying way too much money per month.

Is there a free way to accomplish this?

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Thanks, I will have a play around and see if I can figure how to use this plugin. My experience with plugins has been pretty negative when they don’t provide a demo and editor to see how it works.

This plugin has a demo and editor but doesn’t show any repeating group ( ie: doesn’t show a working version of the plugin in action )…I might be able to fuddle around for a while and figure out if it works.

seems like it doesn’t work for what I am trying to achieve…I put the active cell into the repeating group. Set the workflow and it just hides the element on page load, rather than on “hover of the cell” or “when cell is active”.

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When I delete the workflow this is how the page looks.

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I guess the idea of “active cell” is that the cell has data in it, rather than the idea that the cell is being hovered or interacted with in another way

Show your conditional to set the cell element as active please.
This is working can you make the same.

I’m sorry, I don’t follow what you are saying to do…

I have a repeating group with a group (group 1) inside of a cell. The group (group 1) inside the cell has a another group (group 2) that is the overlay. The overlay group (group 2) has a group (group 3) containing text elements.

What I want is for group 3 to be hidden when group 1 is hovered and then have another group that is not on the page currently (group 4 - contains more text elements) to be shown. Basically the idea is on hover the lesser text will be replaced by the group with more text.

If I were to put the active cell into the repeating group how would I set it up to enable me to use a workflow to hide group 3 and show group 4? I am not sure which element you are implying I should set a conditional on, nor how to make the cell element active.

-When group 1 is hovered; group 3 is not visible.

-Make this condition {When group 3 is not visible} and copy it by two clicking on the expression.

-Place your active cell inside the repeating group set to yesno type and paste the expression from the last step into the cell value input. (I think this your problem

-Now run the workflow when cell is active (group3 is hidden) show group 4.

I presume that you mean group 4 is outside of the repeating group.
For step 2 and 3 you can make the condition when group 1 is hovered instead.

Group 4 would be inside of the repeating group. It simply replaces group 3 so to show more text from same repeating group data type. I will have a play around with this tomorrow and see if I can figure it out. Thanks for the help, ill report back what happens tomorrow

If everything is inside of the repeating group you don’t need to use a workflow, it’s possible to hide element from the conditional.
You could replace this condition when group 1 is hovered, (group 3) this element is not visible.
(group 4) this element is visible.

ahhh yes…thanks for the reminder…I actually used that on this page for something else and my mind didn’t even make the connection…thanks for all the help

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I have set up a workflow event using this method and it wasn’t working correctly until I figured out an important conditional to use in the workflow event.

Here is the full setup needed.


Very important to include “do only when cell is active is yes”

This plugin seems great and can solve a lot of issues that make repeating group workflows a pain to deal with.

Thanks @danielowega


Answering the question of the topic, there is a native but not so evident way to fire a workflow when hovering on an element. You have to use a “Do when condition is true” trigger with a condition like “when Element-ABC is hovered”.
The part that is very unclear is that the hovering option isn’t available, so you have to go in your element properties, under the condition tab, build the expression, and copy/paste it in the workflow’s trigger (then delete the expression in the element properties). It works perfectly.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

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Yes I know, there is many posts for it. You can’t perform that when element is inside of repeating group.

I’m trying to reproduce this, but the cell’s value doesn’t allow me to have the “is hovered” state of the group… :thinking:

Am I missing something?

Found out I had to do the condition on some other element Conditional tab, copy the expression and paste it into the Cell’s value field. That worked.

Thank you guys, thank you @mintflow this has helped me a lot.

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