Trigger one workflow from multiple elements?

So I have a button that triggers a workflow - I will have this same button in multiple areas of the app (with the same workflow sequence)

  • i tried to make it a reusable element - but as a reusable; it can’t recognize the workflows.

So I thought this might be cool, and am wondering if others could find use for it:

If I have a workflow block - maybe there is a drop-down or an “OR” option - so that I could do something like:

When (Element 1) or (Element 2) or Element 3) is clicked Do…
*This way - I could have 1 workflow block for 3 different buttons in different groups.

That’s a little bit the point of custom evens and workflows. You can reuse them in several workflows.

Oh ya, I see now how that would work. Thanks, I didn’t think of that.

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Hi Emmanuel,

I tried to use a custom event to consolidate similar workflows. I copied a workflow from one of the workflows I’m trying to consolidate to the custom event. References to the parent group of the reference element and an input field returned errors. What am I missing? Any workaround?