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Triggering a custom workflow from a reusable element: cannot access workflow even when element is on same page

Hi there,

I am trying to trigger a custom workflow from a reusable element. The element is present on the page I am trying to trigger from, however it will not show up in the list of selectable elements when they are in different groups.

My assumption is that this has something do with grouping (currently the reusable element I am trying to trigger a pop up from and the button are in different groups, the button is in a group, and the reusable in a repeating group) because if I make a new copy of the reusable element in the button group I am then able to access it.

I don’t really like this as as solution - it doesn’t seem like good practice to have to insert multiple reusable elements in the same page (even with visibility off), is there another way to allow the reusable element to be seen within the page even if they are in different groups?

I was under the impression, that as long as the reusable element was on the same page it could be accessed by elements within the same page - not sure why this isn’t working this time…

Any advice appreciated.


You can’t access that reusable because it’s in a Repeating Group, so you are not going to have one reusable element but several depending on the number of cells.

Imagine that you are trying to access or change a reusable state, but each cell reusable, even being instances of the same reusable, could have a different state value.

What’s worse, if the RG has no elements it won’t have any cells and it won’t have any reusable, so you won’t be able to trigger anything from a non existent reusable.

So it’s only logic that each reusable could only be accessed from the same cell that the reusable is in.

As far as I know if you want to access a workflow inside a reusable, you need a reusable instance out of the RG or in the same RG cell from which you are going to trigger it.

To the best of my knowledge and belief.

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Hi @jmalmeida,

Thanks for this - I had suspected it might be something like this. I am using a template and the reusable happened to already be in the design but inside the repeating group.

Interesting that the Bubble manual didn’t mention this:
“If you want to reuse the same custom event in more than one page, you can add the custom event in a reusable element. Doing so, any page that has this reusable element will have access to the custom event.”

I guess this is an exception; I follow your logic though!


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