Trigger that runs upon creation of user - running spontaneously in large numbers


We have a workflow in our app that generates an 8 digit “slug” anytime a change is made to a user and they have no slug:

The workflow does what it’s supposed to, but we’ve noticed a few times we have received emails claiming we’ve reached our maximum server capacity. When looking at the logs, these workflows are going crazy.

The unique IDs it is claiming are triggering this trigger via account creation are NOT in our database, and there are way more of these events firing than there even are users in our database. It’s like someone is using a bot to create and then delete accounts.

Does Bubble do anything weird in the background that could occasionally cause such a thing? The workflow is not exposed as a public API. It happened most recently on July 7th at 9:41 am mountain time.

Any ideas?


We figured it out - apparently when anyone browses the site not logged in, Bubble creates some sort of temporary user to represent that session that doesn’t make any database changes, but will trigger things like this. So if you do anything similar in your app, add the “user is logged in” condition.

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