Trigger Workflow for all items in a group when one input is changed

Hey Everyone! I’m quite new to bubble, so maybe I’m missing out on an easy solution to my problem:
I’m building a webshop-like tool. Basically there are a bunch of filters and a big repeating group displaying my output, all hosted in an external MySQL Database. I managed to trigger my query when I change a single dropdown/ input, however, since there a lot of them I would like to define in a single workflow that when each of the items is changed (within a group), the workflow triggers for all parameters. I know I could do so via a trigger button, but I’d like to display changes dynamically right after changing the input. Do you have any ideas on how to solve that issue? Thanks!

You can trigger a workflow based on an input’s value being changed.

Thanks, that’s what I already managed to do…What I am looking for is a solution to trigger the same API workflow for 20 inputs when one of these 20 is changed, without having to build 20 different workflows. Is that possible?

Yes you can…in a way. You can click to create a new workflow and select Custom Event and then put the actions you would want for each input. Then you can make a workflow for each input and make the first action to trigger the Custom Event.