Editing items in repeating group inputs

Hey guys, I have a list of text items which is custom state, on a page.

I have these being shown in a repeating group under the initial input to add the items to the repeating group.

Each item in the repeating group is an input to allow for the items to be changed if needed.

What I want to be able to do is to setup a workflow 'and input is changed" for each repeating group input item so the data in the list custom state is changed based on the corresponding items.

I cant seem to figure it out, works fine for non repeating group inputs,

here is a basic image to get the feel for what I am doing


Hi there, @stuart4… I set up an example that I believe does what you described, and here is the workflow action I used when the input in the repeating group is changed.

Hope this helps.


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You wonderful human @mikeloc :smiley: that is exactly what I needed…

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