Trigger workflow with changes of initial content in input

Hey there !

I am currently building a planning and I encountered an issue,
I want to get the amount of time a person worked during the week
I have a hidden input that calculates the number of minutes spent at work per day.
It refreshes everytime I either change the hour of arrival or the hour of departure from work.

The updates are dynamic which is fantastic:

Here is what the app is looking like:

My problem is when the initial content of the input I showed you (the hidden one that calculates) changes, how can I get a workflow running on that event ?

When I use when the value of that input changes → go to page index
It doesn’t execute, because the value itself didn’t change, only the parent’s one did, which made the calculus get a different value !

I don’t exactly know if you get my point !
The changes of a dynamic initial content of an input can’t trigger a workflow, can it ?

Thanks for your answers !
And Have a great day !


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