Triggering a backend workflow by time elapsed

I have a date field on the user type which records the last time a user logged in.

I was wondering if there is a way to use the trigger on database event function in backend workflows to run a workflow after the time since login reaches a certain value (for example 72 hours). I’ve tried messing around with this but due to the fact it wants to make comparisons between a database object between “then” and “now” this doesn’t seem possible.

If that is the case, I guess the obvious option is just to set up a recurring backend workflow that runs every hour or so and searches for users who haven’t logged in in say 72 hours. However, I wanted to see if there was a better / more efficient way.


Hi there, @samosa… even if a database trigger could be used, I don’t think it would be better/more efficient than using a recurring backend workflow. In other words, I think obvious option is the most efficient one in this case.


Thanks @mikeloc that’s good to know. I guess I will just go with plan B then!

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