Triggering a workflow when a dropdown value is changed not working all the time

Has anyone else experienced an issue whereby a workflow that’s set to trigger on the change of a dropdown’s value is only triggered when a subset of the options are selected, but not all? I set a breakpoint on this workflow to validate and it’s not getting triggered when I select one of the options, but is being triggered on another. I’m stumped!

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Nope, it should be working fine. I’m positive you might have made a mistake on your conditionals.

Your condition was probably built so that it would only trigger when a specific option is selected.

If you wish to trigger the workflow regardless of the option picked, just stick with the trigger “when an input’s value is changed”

If by any chance you want to trigger different workflows depending on the option you chose, you would need to add specific conditions for each option. It should like this: “when an input’s value is changed and dropdown’s value is x”

Nope. That’s the exact conditional I use and it only triggers on some options. I use the “when an input’s value is changed” trigger with the dropdown as the input.

Then give us your setting a little bit and show the conditionals and what not, so we can replicate the issue (if it can be replicated). With no info about your setup, we cant help it.

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Will do so in the morning. This one truly has me stumped because it works as expected for other drop downs throughout my app. Appreciate the help so far!

Here are a few screenshots of my setup:

1 - Shows the trigger being used for the workflow, which is [Dropdown] Select a View’s value is changed.
2 - Shows the breakpoint I set on this workflow.
The actions this workflow triggers essentially changes URL parameters depending on (a) the page the user is on and (b) the selection made in the dropdown menu.

The dropdown menu in question is shown above. On this particular page it only has two options - either Board or Document. The selection here changes URL parameters, which affects the behavior of other elements on this page. The workflow is triggered whenever I select the Board option but is never triggered when I select the Document option.

Here’s the configuration of the dropdown element:


Here’s a video of the behavior:

Thanks for the help y’all!

It doesnt necessarily do nothing. It looks like making a change in the custom state (maybe the first workflow action), hence the update in the area below the dropdown. Maybe it doesn’t stop at the breakpoint for some other reason but still goes through the workflow. Can you add a more visible change like maybe show an alert to the workflow when dropdown value changes and test it again?

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