Trouble accessing a Data API for Live app

I can access the Data API for my app just fine while in development mode (i.e. when including “/version-test” in my URL) but when I try accessing it in live mode (i.e. when not including “/version-test” in my URL) it fails with a message:

{"statusCode":404,"body":{"status":"NOT_FOUND","message":"This application does not expose a Data API"},"args":{"bubble_code":"1556751416663x279200421685240830"}}

Is this maybe a restriction on the “hobby plan”?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Mark!

Make sure you have done a deployment to Live in order for the Data API setting to be activated. You can double check this by seeing if the Live version of Settings shows an activated Data API.

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Ken Truesdale

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I had deployed to Live but hadn’t realized that I need to deploy again after activating the Data API. I re-ployed and it works now.

As a follow-on question, I don’t seem to need an API token to access the Data API, which surprised me. Is that expected?

Thanks for the help, @mebeingken .



That’s great Mark! Take a read over here.

You probably need to put in some privacy controls.

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Thanks again, Ken.

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I have deployed to live, but still when I use data API, it is only able to perform actions on test version and not live version. @mebeingken