Trouble extracting parameters from URL invoking bubble

I’m invoking bubble from another app using a url such as:

I’ve been trying to get the userid and username in to elements using “get data from page URL” but having little success. I’m sure I’m missing something. Often this comes back with the parameter being empty.

Any suggestions so this works ? Thanks.

What exactly are you doing in Bubble? What does your get page data action look like? Are you getting the right parameters?

Hmm. Think I might have figured it out. It’s that darn timing thing. the actions in the flow to populate the elements were not always being reached by the time I needed those actions. I created a event that would do until the element was not empty, and that seemed to hold good until the parameter was filled. Just hope that if it is really empty, i don’t go into an infinite loop !!!

Hi there- if I understand what you’re trying to do, I’m hoping this helps:

Since you’re pulling down a data type, in this case ‘user’, could you try setting the page data type to ‘User’ and using a slug instead? You could name the page ‘Profile’ or similar to make it clearer to users as well:


The resulting url would be something like this (if a slug was used):

Or if no slug was set, and you used ‘name’ as a backup field, the URL would look like this:

And then any elements on the page would just set 'Current page's User' as the data source.