Trouble With Displaying and Filtering Sub Categories

Hi there! I’m trying to filter products by category, and then sub category. And I’m having the hardest time doing so.

My main categories are stored in my DB as an Option set. The sub categories have their own data type, with all the values listed as “yes/no” entries.

I was trying to follow this video tutorial:

However, I don’t understand how he’s got his categories set up, and apparently I cannot list out my categories in a repeating group the same way he did.

I made a video that goes through my database/app setup to more clearly communicate my issue:

I tried contacting Bubble support, but they told my I couldn’t do what I’m trying to do and just pointed me to the forums.

I have to believe that the problem of sorting products by category and then sub category has already been solved by someone using Bubble.

Thank you for your help!

What they are telling you is that you can do what you want as long as your data structure supports that.

They told me I could not list out my categories dynamically in a repeating group how I have them structured, but I don’t know another way to structure them. The only suggestion they gave me was to post on the forum, or add a suggestion to the ideaboard.

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