Trouble with responsiveness: How to build responsive Repeating Groups?

I’m making me familiar with the responsiveness feature. However I cannot achieve what I want.
I’m not getting the hang of floating groups. It could be so easy, but I get an error saying they have to be underneath “undefined”. Instead it is under a RepeatingGroup.
How do I get responsive tables/repeating groups, if I can’t place and floating groups inside them?

I found two Bubble Responsive Tutorials but none of them is solving my problem…
I also tried putting everything inside a reusable element but that doesn’t trick Bubble, it still says the Floating Group needs to be under undefined.

Can anyone provide a hint on how to build proper responsive repeating groups?

Maybe I understood this wrong… I thought I need floating groups, but I guess this means that they are fixed on the page, but that not what I want at all and doesn’t have to do anything with responsive…

Create a reusable element inside the repeating group and place your floating group inside of it .

Thanks a lot. :+1:

I found out two things.

First: The reusable element needs to be a normal Group instead of a Floating Group. Otherwise I cannot place it inside a Repeating Group.

Second: For what I want to do, I do not need Floating Groups at all. :sweat_smile:

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Great to see you found your way to the solution.