Tips for making a repeating group responsive

Tips for my problem?

I have 2 groups, 1 on the top as shown in the video that works as intended, when the screen is under a certain size the components break and stack on top of each other.
I replicated it to the best of my abilities into a repeating group shown under that one however i have gotten stuck, it just doesnt work the way it is inteded to work. What are the steps I should think in order to try to make an element responsive? I did before i just cant understand why i cant do it again.

Describing what i am doing on the video, i have a repeating group set up as a row with 3 groups nested inside it: an image, some text, and a shorter text. all of them have a min width which is the one that if it is under this the content should break and stack on top of each other, and max widt fit width to content

the elements inside this groups which is made out of text and buttons all have 0 min, infinite max widt, fit width to content

thanks very much bubbling community

Hi there, I didn’t see a video that you referenced - can you also show screenshots of how these groups / the page is configured?