Troubleshooting OAuth2.0

I’m looking for some help to troubleshoot an existing OAuth2.0 setup with a 3rd-party API that I have on my app. The API and calls were configured previously by someone else and functioned for a time. But, after making some changes and attempting to re-initialize the AccessToken and RefreshToken calls I’m experiencing errors.

I’m looking for help to 1) Fix the issues with my AccessToken and RefreshToken calls and 2) Receive training/coaching on how they work so I can troubleshoot/make updates in the future.

Please let me know if you are able to help me with this. Thanks!

Hi @bakercito

SparkDev is an experienced developers team who can help you with your app.

I’ve sent you PM with details, please check and write back to me.

Best regards,


Thanks. Got the help I needed but I’ll reach out possibly in the future.