Truncate the middle of a Word

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how can I truncate a word from two sides? For example “Cheeseburger” → “esebur”. I tried to truncate the same text twice, from the front and the end, but Bubble only seems to recognize the first time I truncate. Is there a workaround for this?

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You can truncate it twice. So say you have an input with a value of “Cheeseburger”. You do This input’s value:truncated from end to 9. That will leave you with “eseburger” so you do not need to use truncate as if you still have the full word. So add to the end of the first use of truncate and you will have This input’s value:truncated from end to 9:truncated to 6. This will leave you with “esebur”. Here is the bubble docs on using “truncated”.

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