Text Function "truncated to" seems to be not available

Hello all,
I’m starting with Bubble (free plan for now) and i would like to do an easy operation : Truncate a text from database but i d’ont know why it doesn’t work.

I would like to do this → Current User’s prenom’s:truncated to 1

All the text functions are working fine except append, truncated (in the proposal listn they are not prefixed with the char “:” )

Thanks in advance for you help ! :pray:

Hi there, @geory.schmitt… what do you mean that the truncated to operator seems to be not available? Have you tried clicking on it in the dropdown and adding a 1 after it in the expression? FYI… it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t have a colon in front of it… some operators do, some operators don’t… it’s always been like that.



Mine looks the same but works as expected. Likely an oversight by the dev team.

Take risks. Click shit.

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Hello Mike,

Yes, this is exactly what i’m doing :


Looks like you’re typing ‘truncated to 1’

Try clicking on the operator.

As you can imagine I clicked…

Try entering it again or try deleting and recreating the element and the expression. Here it is working fine for me… and don’t worry about the parentheses… that’s the new expression composer, and that has nothing to do with it.


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Ok, thanks for the example.

The search box in the parameter entry, misled me

Better with the new expression composer.

Have a good.

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