Truncating and appending text in a repeating group cell

I need to truncate product descriptions to 20 words and add “…” when they exceed this length in a repeating group in

The descriptions are stored in a “description” field in the “product” data type. How can I achieve this?

You could take the text, split it by a space, keep just the first 20 items, join them back into a readable text with a space then, only if the total word count was more than 20, append “…”

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Hi there, @m.szczepanek… what Adam said is the way to go, of course, and since I was making a quick example (which uses a conditional) when he responded, I will throw a visual out here in case it helps.


Note that for the :split by operator, you literally type a space character in the Text separator field, and the join with operator is also a space character.


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Thank you for your guidance It worked but while i was looking around i found i suppose an easier way:

All the best

Cool… but that doesn’t even come close to doing what you said you wanted in your original post.

I must have worded it wrong sorry for wasting your time

Yeah, but that’s a completely different thing from what you asked…

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