Working with a text box within a group

Good Evening,

I have a group within which there are multiple rows and 9 columns. One column contains a written description. Because the written description can take up too much space lengthwise, I wanted to place a limit on how much text is shown by incorporating a ‘read more’ link to open a popup from which the description can be read in its entirety.

Not being bashful to give things a try, I attempted to make the adjustments myself. I haven’t been successful in my attempt and now find my coding in a worst state than when I started.

Would anyone be interested in taking a look at what I did and seeing if things can be fixed while teaching me where I exactly went wrong?

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Hey John,

How did you try to do this? You could set up a custom state the stores the length of the text you’re trying to truncate. Have a “read more” more button below the text element whose height you want to reduce that is only visible when the value of the custom state > x (you could experiment to see how many characters works for you, of course). Then check the option on the text element that says “cut off content if element is not tall enough”.

Let me know if this works for you!


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I will try right now Thanks!

Here is the link to my web site

The description to the right will allow an unlimited amount of text to be entered. This means someone can put an enormous amount of text there thus disrupting the service. I’l like to have a pop up appear with the detailed description instead. Apparently, when I try these changes myself I get deeper into you know what…

Let’s say the description is a field called “description” . Have a “read more” button in each cell right below the text element holding the description that is only visible when "current cell’s description:number of characters > 100 (or whatever # of characters is more than you want to display). Then check “cut off content if element is not tall enough” on the text element holding the description.

I was hunting for this part and can’t see/find it. Wher eis it?

That will be a condition on the read more button

This stuff just doesn’t seem to be available.