Trying to build a Pricing Grid

I have a pricing grid in excel which is based on sales. Higher sales lower rate. See the picture below. I’m trying to figure out if I can build this in bubble with no code. I’ve been playing around with the database but I can’t seem to figure out if it’s possible or not. Any guidance in the right direction would be highly appreciated.

you can use a plugin called toolbox. they have an element called expression. I have used expression for more complicated math equations in my forms. Such as calculating time given two time of days like 4AM-2PM etc. and it supports conditionals which i believe is a big aspect of what you are trying to do. example: if sale total > $10000 then rate % is 2.9 etc.

Thanks, @joseph.farinhas. I’ll have a look at Toolbox to see if that could work.

This would be easy enough to do. Does it need to be dynamic or hard coded in to a page? is it individual to a product or user?

Hi @nfisher, thanks for taking the time. The idea is to build an application where the user can compare different payment processing options by answering a few questions, monthly sales being one of them. Then there are 8 different fees and rates that are all dependent on the pricing grid. My plan was to find a way to calculate these rates and fees on the back end and then create a new thing when these questions are answered and display all the different payment plan options in a repeating group. I just started looking at expression in Toolbox to see if that could work.

Yes you can either do that with JS in the browser which is the more hardcoded method, or with workflows. Throw together your input form and start building up a few bits of data to play with.

Hi @joseph.farinhas and @nfisher or anyone else out there:)
The expression feature in Toolbox seems to be exactly what I need. However, I’m struggling a bit to understand how to structure the calculations (I’m probably stuck in my old excel world). I’m using input elements for the pricing grid instead of a table in excel. How would you “lookup” the rate based on the sales amount? Any guidance would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

The way i would do it is create an expression on the page (blank one) and under conditions you can set it so when for example: sales total input is greater than or equal to $10000 - you can select expression and type it there. if you want to create a demo page and pm me the link i can set something up quickly.

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