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Hi - I’m relatively new to Bubble and exploring if the platform will support my use-case. I want to provide dynamic pricing to users based on their standard inputs via drop downs. If there are tutorials you recommend for achieving the below, please feel free to suggest. I’m primarily looking for acknowledgement that this simple functionality can be achieved with Bubble (and if you can recommend a tutorial even better)!

For example:

I don’t understand the relationships;

A = 2; got that part.

Is this to say that if A = 1 & B = A then (5*1)+100 = 105?

Yes that’s correct. This is just dummy data. However, the prices vary based on a few dimensions that I can upload as rows in the database and then based on users selection of available options per column in the database I’d like to output the price.

I used this course and it gave me a solid base of knowledge to start you off. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the course! Definitely will take. Can you help me confirm if supports the use-case though? Don’t want to invest a bunch of time to learn it’s the wrong platform for it

Yes it certainly does, if you take the time to learn the system. I’m only two months in, so still a junior here. But you simply need a creative mind and the time to invest in learning how to build.

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