Trying to Display all numbers

Trying to display numbers in a repeating group. But I’m getting this
i want to display all the account number not scientific notation

Did you try format?

To which format please

What number(s) are you trying to display?


I mean this method

Sorry, You should set decimal to zero

Yeah but still not working


That’s too long to display as a regular number in Bubble. 16 digits is about the maximum before you’ll see scientific notation.

That said, what on earth are you doing in your app where the number ‘fifty five quadrillion’ is needed (as a number)??

You said it’s an account number… account numbers are NOT ‘numbers’ they are just identifiers (that happen to use numerical characters)…

But they are texts, so should be stored (and displayed) as texts.

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Yeah, they are stored as text and displayed as text

It seems, @adamhholmes has full knowledge about this.

Yeah, they are stored as text and displayed as text

Clearly, they aren’t

(unless you stored them as ‘text’ values of the scientific notation of the ‘number’ value of the original ‘text’ value)…

but why would you do that?

Any help

What more help do you need… I’ve already explained the issue…

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