Bubble is confused by text vs numbers?

I frequently run into type issues – I have a number coming back from the database, but as soon as I “format as…” so that I can get a thousands separator and rounding, bubble complains that it is text. What gives? This is from @Thimo 's excellent table/grid plugin.

When you use :formatted as… this modify the type to text and it’s no more a number.
Change the data type to be Text if you need to change the display in the table.

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The dialog literally says “Number Formatting”:

I wanted to be able to sort it and do other numerical operations on it, hence keeping it a number.

It’s does’t change anything. type will just display different options if you choose currency or percentge. Basically, it’s jsut how you want ot display the number.
Do your math operation first and after use format as to display it how you want it. It’s how format as work. Take a number and convert it to a string for display. In most case, format as will always be the last function to add to expression.

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Alright – i’ll format it in the SQL query!

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