Trying to login : "Sorry, your login session has changed..."

Hi, I have a very simple Login page on an app, and some users on some desktop browsers (like older version of Chrome) have the message “Sorry, your login session has changed / expired… please try again” when they try to login.

I try to check “Do not set cookies on new visitors by default” but then the warning message appeard for every user.

I also tried to set a new login page and to reconfigure the workflow (which is just a log the user in and go to another page), and the problem is still here…

It seems to me that the problem has appeard with the newest version (29) of Bubble.
Does anyone has the same problem and knows how to solive it ?

Thank you!

Same problem here. When the user resets his cookies, the problem disappears. Of course, this is not what we want in the end.