Trying to make a messaging system


I’m trying to make a messaging system. I wrote some messages in the message database, but they don’t show up in the repeating group.

[token represents a cookie to assign the message with the person who made it]

I’ve tried multiple methods - not a single one worked.

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Moraru Narcis

Hey @thicc00x :wave:

Thanks for the post! It’s hard to tell from the screenshots exactly how your search is set up on the repeating group, but I’m thinking there might be something in there making it not work. It isn’t a privacy rule issue since your data types don’t currently have any privacy rules applied.

Past that, have you considered referencing the ‘Creator’ field to track who created a message? Or, setting up your own ‘recipients’ or ‘participants’ fields as a list of users so you can associate messages with certain people that way instead of by matching tokens? You might find the linked approach to be a little more reliable and if your list of participants is going to be relatively small, there shouldn’t be any performance disadvantages from going that route.

Give it a try and don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at with any additional questions.

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