Repeating Group chat system not working yet

Hi, I’m new to Bubble.

I’m trying to develop a chat system using the Repetition Group, which basically searches for all messages from a sender and a receiver. However, in the system I developed, the messages are recorded as they should in the database, but in the repeating group it is showing only the messages from the current user and not from the other user.

If someone knows how to solve it, I can send more prints of how my system is structured.

You’ll need to show screen shot of the RG data source so we can help trouble shoot.

Sure! Look at this.

Your RG data source only includes the case where the sender is the current user.

Add a merge with search for messages where the sender and receiver are reversed.

Ah it makes sense.
I didn’t quite understand how to do this, can you explain me, pls?

Here’s an example from my app showing the merge in action.
Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 4.37.38 PM

does it not make more sense to have a conversation table also, which is what links the messages?

Its works =)

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