Trying to publish bubble thing as exposed state not working

Hi everyone,

I am facing an issue trying to publishState an object. I couldn’t get it to work so I’ve created a test situation. I know that I have to prefix every key with a “_p”.

    let dummy = {
        "_p_text": "hi!"
    instance.publishState("test", dummy)

I made a dummy API call for testing:

Screenshot from 2023-06-17 18-04-16

And yet, I get nothing appearing in my exposed state. The console shows “done!” and there are no errors. When I try displaying the raw body text, it doesn’t work either. Any ideas?

What am I doing wrong here? Hmm…

Screenshot from 2023-06-17 18-27-15

Where did you define the api? In your app or in the plugin?

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In the app. Is it not supposed to be defined there?


If there’s a way to publish an object let me know.

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I already tried that :confused:

try this _api_c2_ instead of _p_

Really??? Okay…

So how would you publish an object to a state that’s a thing and not text?

Lookup return object on the forums

Hey Jared, it didn’t work. If I follow your logic correctly, I have to create an API in the apps API connector, then initialize a call. After that, I can create a dummy response.

After that, I can publish an object using a field as type thing1, and an exposed state as type thing1.

I’m using such a simple object and not getting any errors in the console. I wonder what I’m missing here…

Thanks so much for your help :pray:

(I tried api c2 and p as well)

I’ll record a video as soon as I have a second and try to be super clear

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Thank you!!! Very helpful :pray::pray:

Hi everyone, I’ve found out what’s going on, thanks to everyone for trying to help me out (especially @jared.gibb ) I’m going to make a separate post documenting some things that haven’t been discussed on the forums yet.

In short, what I was attempting to do was send a bubble thing that was actually a real API cal type. This API call was called “list transfers”.

List transfers would return mostly the same everytime. The structure of the body would slightly change if the transfer (transaction) was refunded. This is where the problem lies. When publishing a thing to an exposed state, it must have every field defined when you initially initialized the call.

This is confusing because this happens all the time - sometimes API calls return different things and don’t cause errors. If you try publishing a thing missing / or with extra fields, you won’t be able to publish the object. You will get an error.

More on this later

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