Trying to send dropdown number to a new page


I am trying to send the output of a dropdown to a new page, so I can use it’s value to create a new thing. However, I think the new page has to be in the same format to allow this (but I am unable to set a page’s source as a number).

Would love some help or tips with this. Please find the editor here: Frend ADHD | Bubble Editor


Hi there, @jackwemery93… you can send the selected number to the new page as a URL parameter by checking the Send more parameters to the page box and defining a key and a value. Then, when creating a new task, use the Get data from page URL operator to set the task’s ChildID to the number that was sent to the page.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for your help Mike.

This makes sense, but something still isn’t working. I have now set it up to send the dropwdown’s value (see below):

However, I can’t bring it in on the destination page (see below):

Sorry for the silly questions - it is my first week using Bubble :slight_smile:

You will just type dropdown_val in the Parameter name field (although, getting it in there can be a bit tricky because you don’t want to be searching the dropdown when you are typing it).

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Ahhh thanks Mike - got it working!! I see what you mean about it being hard to enter (it starts going into dynamic mode automatically).

Thanks again!

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