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Setting a Value in a different page in workflow

So I am trying to have a value of a dropdown on a different page be determined by which icon I choose on another page. How can I do this.

Page 1: Icon A = Page 2: Dropdown 2

I don’t know how I can set specific things in a different page based on the workflow of a current page, before the user is sent to the other page. Any help would be appreciated.

You can …

Send it via a parameter, so when you do the redirect to the new page.

Update something on the current user.

Update something on the thing you are looking for.

Having it as a parameter could work well.

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Thanks Nigel. When I try to send a parameter it asks for a key? I guess I am in an area I don’t yet know anything about.

Yeah, the “key” is the just the name of the parameter you are sending, it can be anything you like but worth giving it a meaningful name. Then you pass this to the page, and pull it back as a page parameter.

Oh that is cool. So how do you set up a specific page state as a parameter to begin with?

Use a custom state, so when an Icon is clicked you set the state on the page to a text value, then pass this.

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Cool Thanks Nigel

Hi @NigelG,
Could you please explain me how to pull the data I sent?

When a button is clicked, I want to go to another page and show a specific tab on this page (the landing page is already organized in tabs via states…1,2,3 etc).

So I’m trying to “when button is clicked”—> “go to page” with “send more parameters to the page” (like Key “statesent=5”)

then how do I use it on the landing page?


Have a look at my parameter passing demo, it sends a number via a parameter, this is recevied by the target page, arrives as a text value, so gets read, passed through another control and pops out again as a number type.

bottom of the the index page at:

or in the editor:

You use the Get from URL to read the value and then you can do what you want with them

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Hi @DaveA,
I don’t Understand why now it is working (setting correctly the state on landing page) but I get this error to fix:

The value passed is 5, that is not text (and anyway it is read correctly by the workflow)

how do I convert it to number before passing to Workflow “set state”?
Do I have to pass it to a numeric input (maybe invisible) and then read again?


Yes, you can either set a hidden numeric input to default to the “text” number (you are right, but it isn’t a true number when passed in the url it is text) from the parameter.

Or you can use an API I created.

So just pass the text to this API in string. And the result will be a numeric.

Might see if I can make this into a Plugin.

I think I found the 3rd way :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

a=1, ab=2, abc=3, abcd=4…