Trying To Sort Out This API Connection Error - What is an 'object'?

I’m getting the below error where it’s asking for an ‘object’ .

What is an object?



The “sender” object is made up of multiple parameter:values, so you need to put everything into that multiline Body input below your Parameter inputs (and remove the parameter inputs). This is so you can format properly since it’s not all single string values.

Should look something like the sample code you provided…

“sender”: {
“subject”:“Welcome to the show”,
“body”:“Here is where you enter body content”

Each time i click that multi-line area it changes the entire screen into a blank grey screen and I can’t figure out why.

Is this a bug ?

Likely a little glitch, yes. Try deleting the call and re-adding or deleting the API entirely and re-adding.

It looks like it was an extension in my browser.

Do i need to remove the paramater for this “sender” though?

Or do i put a param: Key: sender Value:object


I have copied in the following but am getting an error:

"sender": {
"name": "hermes",
"handle": "hermes_123"

Is this formatted correctly? This is the first time i’ve used this multi-line input…


Get rid of the parameter fields. If you’re using the Body multiline input, then you should only send data through that. It’s an either/or thing. If you have both it’s like you’re submitting 2 bodies, which will always return an error.

Try it with just body, and if the formatting you have in the screenshot doesn’t work, try the format I posted earlier.

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