Trying to use Slick Slideshow for onboarding screens - bug

In my attempts to create a slick series of swiping onboarding screens, I’ve been trying to get the Slick Slideshow to meet my needs:

Specifically - since I don’t want something that repeatedly loops round in a circle, but rather starts on the first onboarding slide and ends on the last, I’ve set up the app to hide the slideshow when it hits a certain slide.

However, I want people to be able to return and reopen the slideshow if they want, but for that I want it to reopen on the first slide again. I figured that a fix would be refreshing the data source for the slideshow - so I have it pulling its images from a hidden repeating group on the page, and set the repeating group to refresh its dataset when the slideshow gets hidden. But something weird results - whenever I do this, the first slide is invisible. Once you swipe to the second slide, everything becomes visible, and you can swipe back to the first.

I’ve set up an example here:

So my question is: is there an easier way to create a non-looping system for the slideshow? And if there isn’t - is there a way to fix this bug that makes the first slide invisible?

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