Turn debug mode off by default

Most of the time I’m not using the debug mode. Especially when I’m working on the responsiveness of a design. So I see myself constantly stripping the “debug_mode=true” part from the URL.

Is there an option to turn the debug mode off by default? I could not find in myself.


I know this is going to sound pretty obvious but can’t you just remove it manually and reload the page when there is a change?

I normally keep my test page pinned or bookmarked without the debug parameter so I barely remember the last time my test page came up with the debugger without my consent :slight_smile:

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That’s what I do now. But I like to press te blue preview button.

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I’d like to do this too.
Also when I use the “run as” functionality, debug_mode is on by default. I’d like it to be off.


You could set an ‘on page load’ if debug_mode = true, ‘go to external url’ and put the dynamic expression for ‘this page’ as the url. Might take an extra second to load but it’s automatic.

Another thing you could do is run a js action with something like this,