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Turn debugging off with out url strip

how do I Turn debug mode off by default? I used it one time in my workflow, then removed the button in the workflow, but now in my preview it always runs. So how I turn it completely off with out having to do the url strip (?debug_mode=false) every time my page loads?

You can just delete that parameter out of your preview URL then when the page refreshes from any changes it’s not there. If you want to debug again, just manually add it back in the URL

But how do I turn it off from running at all?

If you can, I’m not sure how. I’ve just always assumed its a default setting in Bubble.

If it effects anything in my dev environment I just delete that portion of the URL.

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If it’s slowing your builder/page when trying to dev take out the ?debug and also add &issues_off=true to turn off the error checker (won’t want to do this long term but will speed up your builder)

I’m not sure why you’re looking to remove debug, this is just a suggestion.

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