Webscraping, Bubble and APIs - putting it all together

I’d consider myself an intermediate bubble user - I’ve built a few marketplace apps that generated some revenue and watched my fair share of bubble tutorials.

I also know a bit about webscraping and have an idea for an app that scrapes some data and then presents it to the user in a dashboard.

But I’m a bit lost as to how to put it all together.

How would one build a bubble app that consistently updates and shows the user the most recent info from a certain page? Maybe some combination of a webscaper that saves data to a google sheet which then gets called via the bubble api?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  1. Use services that have webhooks for that type of data (should they exist)
  2. Schedule periodic backend workflows in Bubble to get that data

I’m using byteline.io for scraping into airtable, then using bubble’s API connector to use the data inn my bubble app.

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