Twilio Plugin Encoding Spacing Incorrectly

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Hi there - I’m using Zeroqode twilio plugin and I just noticed that the spaces encoded in my text message body is now coming across as “\n” instead of including the space. It was working fine this morning but can’t have multiple paragraphs now. Please see the example below:

What I inputed:

"This is a


What appeared in the sms:

“This is a\n\nTest”

Let me know what could be causing this as I also sent out a message this morning and it worked fine but now every message includes those “\n” instead of paragraph spacing.


Not really sure, maybe you experimented with " " or ’ ’ or without them?
we didn’t change anything in the plugin in between your tries. so there must be something you changed?

Those are called newline characters. They represent a new line.

“This is a [new line][new line]Test.”

In terms of decoding that to Bubble, I’ve no idea why the plugin author has no idea about that. Could be out of their control.

But just know that what you put in is exactly what you got out. Encoding. How does it work?

Hi Levon,

Thanks for the reply. We’ve been using the plugin for months multiple times per week and haven’t noticed this until yesterday afternoon. We didn’t make any development or production changes at that time so not sure what is causing it. Twilio said that we’d have to reach out to the third party developer. Is this something you can help me with?

It’s something bubble does, not sure at what step in the process. Took me a while to figure out as well, here is the fix.

Find and replace using a regex pattern all the line breaks.

Hi @scott3 ,

This setup is indeed replacing the \n in my body but is not creating the line break. It is just combining the two paragraphs together by replacing \n with nothing. When I put a line break in the replace by section it then goes back and puts in another \n into the text. Any suggestions?

No, haven’t explored this in my app yet. If you find something let me know, for now I’m just rolling with thousands of improperly formatted texts. Will likely stand up a separate server to abstract the Twilio functions away from bubble… Have been dealing with issues like this for the last year.

I setup Twilio using Bubbles API connector - not experiencing this issue.

Being careful to only use a plain text editor to create and display the SMS messages probably helps


Hey everyone…

I know exactly what happened on 27th February.

Bubble released a fix to a bug I had submitted, #5404.

The bug was that Bubble wasn’t escaping the new line definition of \n with \\n in api payloads.

This fixed a problem I had when using the ClickSend Plugin. Each message I sent which contained a new line character was creating an error response from Clicksend because the \n was not escaped.

It looks like maybe this has impacted the way the Twilio Plugin works.

Best wishes,

I posted on the same problem yesterday (I noticed it when working with JSON Generator plugin. I hope this is resolved soon.

hello @peter8
May I ask which plugin you use to have a plain text editor? thanks

I was using the Better Text Editor.