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Send messages with PlugIn Error


I’m having issues setting up this plugin to send text messages as part of a workflow.

What i’ve done:

  1. Created a Twilio account and created a number.
  2. Used the TEST AUTHTOKEN and converted with Base64
  3. Paste it on the API Key part of the plugin
  4. Created a workflow using the plugin and used my TEST ACCOUNT SID

Im getting this error:


Have you contacted the creator of the Plugin ?

No! Im going to try that! Thank you!

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Probably going to be the quickest way.

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I’m getting the same error… did you figure this out? Thanks in advance for any help you can lend.

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Hey @charliefountain and @1danielbaker,

Just saw this come up in the forum feed and thought this is likely tied to CoBubble’s text messaging plugin. There are quite a few apps using this plugin with no issues reported, so perhaps your’s are isolated occurrences. Something interesting to note about that error code is that it’s actually the plugin’s unique ID in the Bubble system. Go through the plugin instructions and double check if everything is in order. I can definitely see simple things like encoding or adding the ‘Basic’ to the call header as easy to miss.

Feel free to give me a shout if you still experience issues! :slight_smile:

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