Twilio SMS to multiple users based on defined field type

I can successfully use a single SMS to a user using the Twilio API so don’t have a problem setting that up. The problem I am having is that Twilio needs to receive each number to send an SMS to individually. To do this I was thinking of scheduling a API workflow on a list (list of users in table) and it will run through the list and send out individual SMS when triggered. Given that I am still learning how to use bubble I can’t seem to work out the correct logic to get this right.

I have a table (named: User) of users, with one of the variables/fields in the table being the user’s role type. i.e. only certain users are of the type PMO role. Once an event is triggered (button is pressed on a screen) I would like to send an SMS to all users that are designated with the role type of PMO using the Twilio plugin. Essentially it is a notification SMS that something in the app has been updated.

Any help trying to set this up would be appreciated!

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Would like to see some reply here as well, trying to figure out how to build send multiple sms workflow with twiio (api connector or plugin).