Send SMS to users

Hi Bubble community, just looking for the best way to trigger an SMS to users using (I think) twillio. I’m using sendgrid for email so assuming this will be the best way. The SMS should fire at the same time a confirmation email is sent when a payment is complete.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @glendcassidy,

Welcome to the Bubble community! You can use a Twilio plugin by either @ZeroqodeSupport or @copilot available in the plugin store. However, if you know how to utilize the Bubble API connector, you can setup a Twilio API call.


Is there any alternative to twillo ?

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If you’re in the US, you can send SMS by sending an email to the phone number @ service provider.

For example,, sends an SMS to AT&T. The same is true for most providers.

I hope this helps.


Awesome thanks!

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My phone received text like this below, any idea?

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MSG:testmu7NyIkFHizDGFyw8B3NO7-2F6pXeDQrM0krjnGWZ8hIhsso95jR38AnOWaLWX5Pwsj2Qw4HXa5-2BETOUYRvyasDl1uNw-3D-3D" alt=""
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!important;padding-right:0 !important;padding-left:0 !important;”/(End)

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Did you try to send only plain text instead of HTML content? SMS text is different from a browser/HTML.

I want to send SMS, only plain text.
here is my “codes”:

It seems Bubble’s send email engine only sends HTML content embedded. That’s bad, because it will reflect in the message. Have you tried using SendGrid service? It’s integrated with Bubble and that may send plain text emails.

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If you happen to have a majority of incoming SMS, ClickSend is a good product for that. They have a much simpler API and interface that might be easier to navigate. But Twilio does have generally cheaper rates, at least in the US.

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Hey, @flowtron- how does ClickSend handle incoming SMS UI-wise? Is it a chat window? All their docs show workflows for outbound SMS and their examples are all in native Bubble UI.

Thanks Johhny. Gonna check out the plugin by Zeroqode.

There’s a “View inbound SMS” API request you can make or set up Inbound SMS rules in your dashboard that will basically deliver them via webhook.

Edit: Realized I may have mis-interpreted your message. There is a chat window UI in the ClickSend dashboard if you need to manually manage something, but there is no UI on Bubble side for it. You would need to use the API connector and create your own UI using those calls. This is the same for every other SMS provider unless there is some sort of plugin that also have a UI as part of it.

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Thanks, @flowtron, you addressed my question in your edit. I know Olark, Crisp, Intercom, et al have general chat window UI for support style live chat, and I was looking for something like that to do one-to-one SMS chat.