Twine Social - Adding Script to Bubble


I am trying to add a piece of script provided by Twine Social to my bubble page in an HTML element. However, it isn’t pulling in anything. I’ve tried displaying as an iframe, stretching to fit content, etc. It works perfectly if you try it on a normal webpage editor, like w3schools tryit product. Has anyone ever used this service or something similar? Can you see what I might be missing?

Here is the script I’m putting into the element:

<script id="twine-script" src=""></script>
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Hello, your script will show during a preview, I copied the script and placed it in an HTML element, it doesn’t show up in the editor, but it will show up on the preview. :slight_smile:

@GregoryKing I can’t get it to work in the preview either :confused:

Can you take a look and see if you have it set up just like mine? Are you able to see it in the preview on my app here:

Alright @seth.griffin, now take a look at it, I removed the “IFrame” selection and it works through preview, don’t use Iframe when using scripts. :smiley:

Nada. Thanks for trying it though @GregoryKing I don’t understand what it could be on my end that’s different…? I’m not blocking the feed anywhere else (like the w3schools try it site), but it just won’t show up for me on my Bubble pages. So frustrating.

Maybe it’s your browser, try and clear your browser cache.

@GregoryKing I think you may be onto something. I did eventually manage to get it to appear in an incognito window. Quick question, were you able to scroll within the HTML element? Can you scroll within a Bubble HTML element ever?

I believe that’ll happen automatically, but I’m not one-hundred percent sure. I use an external IFrame Privacy Policy for my social network, it created a scrollbar when there’s still more content that’s too much for the room I have for it. I’m not sure about what happens with importing from a script tag.

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