Twitter authentication -- prompt login with username from input box?

Building a new app and have simple Twitter authentication working fine, but:

There doesn’t seem to be a way to allow the user to authenticate with a specific Twitter username that may be different than their currently logged-in username. Twitter application oauth calls accept two optional parameters – force_login and screen_name – that would be perfect for my B2B use case (which is: user enters her business’s Twitter username in an input box and then clicks button to authenticate with a password for that account, not her personal account with which she’s more likely already logged in).

Is there any way within Bubble for me to add these extra parameters to my Twitter API call (and for the screen_name parameter, to specify the input box that serves as the source of the username)?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


You know you are in trouble when you google something about forcing twitter to do a login, not even mentioning bubble, and you end up back on your own forum !!

Having exactly the same problem, and struggling to stop Twitter using the logged in account.


So I “solved” this problem by … ignoring it. For my use case, I was able to use Twitter’s application-only APIs that did not require user authentication. If all you need to do is search/retrieve tweets, that should work for you, too.

Thanks. We are posting on behalf of the users, across multiple twitter accounts, so it is a real pain.

I think this is what you’re referring to? OAuth 2.0 App-Only (Bearer Token) | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

Within the Bubble API connector, which of the authentication types did you use? Private key in URL?